All rent is due on or before the first of the month. LATE CHARGES: A $20.00 late charge will apply to all accounts after the tenth of the month at 5:00 p.m. All return checks will be charged $25.00. All charges/fees are due with rent on the first and overdue on the tenth at 5pm. If you are unable to pay your rent on time, please notify the office before the tenth of the month.

If you are unable to pay your rent by this schedule, make a personal arrangement with the office. No account will be allowed to become two months delinquent. Residents with a one month delinquent account must pay the total amount due by the fifth of the following month. Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction.

The $200.00 rent includes trash services. All other utilities separately metered.



All homes entering JennLake Meadows:

Must be minimum box size of 900 square feet and no older than two years from what is currently manufactured. If not a new home, it must be visually inspected and approved by JennLake Meadows

Must be skirted in vented-matching material to home within 30 days; all tongues must be removed or covered with matching skirting to home or treated wood box.

Have at least a 8' x 10' (6 x 12') treated wooden deck at front and 4'x 4' deck/platform at back door with attached steps and guard rails within 30 days; decks must have treated lattice or matching skirting to home around base; all wooden material is to be pressure treated and only galvanized metal used (nails/screws/etc.); no plywood allowed. Materials and plans must be approved by JennLake Meadows.

May have one matching storage building.

All permanent structures, trees, etc. must be approved for placement, materials, and construction by JennLake Meadows due to underground utilities.

All lawns must be mowed and edged as needed; if not maintained, JennLake Meadows will automatically do it and charge a fee.

In general, two adults, two pets, and two cars per home.

May fence yard if you have small children or a dog(s); JennLake Meadows will pay up to $250.00 of the cost of the fence, and it becomes the property of JennLake Meadows.

All children and dogs outside of private fence must be accompanied by parent/owner at
all times. Dogs in residential areas must be on leash.

Disturbances to residents of any kind will not be tolerated; offenses can result in the resident having to move out and/or removal of the home from JennLake property.

Homes must be owned by the individual(s) residing at JennLake Meadows. There is no rental property. JennLake Meadows must be notified if home is for sale and one For Sale sign with phone number may be placed in front window. All prospective buyers must have prior approval of JennLake Meadows and complete necessary JennLake Meadows' forms for residency. Rent is due as long as home is on JennLake Meadows' property.

Residents must agree to abide by the speed limit in JennLake Meadows and accept the responsibility for the actions and damages of their guests while on JennLake Meadows' property.

JennLake Meadows reserves the right to require removal of any item from property. JennLake Meadows reserves the right to require needed repairs, repainting, or other maintenance (including washing vinyl/metal siding) to any home or item located on property. JennLake Meadows reserves the right to add to or change rules, as needed for the protection and welfare of the general community.



Per State law, all manufactured homes at JennLake Meadows must be blocked, anchored and installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. JennLake Meadows has soil with a 2,000 psf load capacity. Set up requirements will be based on that number and individually calculated based on the manufacturer's manual.





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