The surrounding area and atmosphere at JennLake Meadows is refreshing and unique. Opened in August 1995, the community offers lots of space with a blend of rolling hills, open meadows, lakes, forest, and horse pastures. However, it's not just the surroundings that set JennLake Meadows apart in Starkville - it's the residents.

LOT RENT: $200.00/month


Quiet residential neighborhood
Underground Utilities
~ 4-County Electric Power Assoc.
~ MS Valley Gas Co.
~ Clayton Village Water Assoc.
~ East Oktibbeha Waste Management District
~ MaxxSouth TV & Internet
Private yards and decks
Defined parking for 2 vehicles
Responsible pet ownership encouraged
110 acres with lakes, meadows and trees
Horse pasture, stalls and riding areas


Build equity with each payment
Pride and satisfaction of ownership
Single dwellings - not the apartment complex environment
Self-space - more than a wall between neighbors
Less noise and disturbances
Neighbors with similar personal investments and values
Attractive area to exercise and train your pets
Convenient to MSU and the entire Golden Triangle Regional area.

Each resident has made a major personal investment by purchasing a manufactured home; each has accepted the responsibility of maintaining a home and private yard. Everyone preserves the "quiet, good place to study" surroundings.


JennLake Meadows' residents are resourceful and enterprising. They figured out how much it would cost to rent an apartment for the three - four - or more years they would be in Starkville. They will spend less for housing plus recoup money when they leave.



Our residents are smart shoppers. They found value for their money. Beyond value, they found selection, quality and style. They defined their own living space through choices: vinyl siding and shingle roof, front or middle kitchen, two or three bedrooms, and personal selection of the color scheme (inside-out), to name only a few. Manufactured homes today are built to federal, uniform construction standards; they truly are no longer "trailers" that can be hooked up to a vehicle and towed down the highway. Our residents have "more space" and "lower utility bills" while enjoying all of the modern amenities.




"One of our favorite things is to walk around the lakes in the evenings."

"Kind of private and away from the highway."

"It reminds me of home."

"Country living with city convenience. Now our mortgage and lot rent combined is less than the apartment rent we were paying. Our utility bills are lower too."

"Open feeling of not having people all around. Space."

"The peaceful feeling of coming home to deer feeding by the lake."

"Scenery - you see horses - you see lakes!. It's a different world."

"Have space - have room - have yard. More of a home."

"Peaceful. Just like out in country - not on highway. Country look."

"Quiet. Friendly people."

"Easy environment to get an education."

"Can keep animals. Love barn and equine facilities."

"Homes kept up nice. Never embarrassed to have people to my home because of neighborhood. Great environment."





JENNLAKE MEADOWS      185 JennLake Dr.      STARKVILLE, MS 39759
PHONE/FAX 662.324.1001     JENNLAKE662@GMAIL.COM