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Because of the quick sale of  homes at Jennlake, many residents choose not to list their homes for sale on the website.  Please call the office to get a complete list of all homes for sale.

We take care of our tennants and one way we go beyond is to offer assistance with reselling your home. Our website has been a tremendous tool and has sold many homes since February 2005.




Data Plate. There is a data plate affixed to the home that has the pertinent information regarding date of manufacture, serial number, wind zone, etc. Verify what you are buying. The data plate is usually located on the wall of the utility room, master bedroom closet, hot water heater closet, or on the inside of the door under the kitchen sink.

Are you the original owner(s)? How long have you owned the home?

Have any major repairs been necessary to the exterior or interior of the home? If so, what and when?

Have there been any problems with the heating/ac, plumbing, appliances, etc.? If so, what and when?

Observe the condition of the decks? Are the boards warped or in good condition?
Are the screws or nails working loose or is it solid? Do the boards need sealing or staining?

If the exterior is metal on metal, has it been washed and waxed? If so, when? Metal exteriors are no different than automobiles. They need washing and waxing for preventive maintenance.

If the exterior has vinyl siding and a shingled roof, has the siding been washed or is it dirty and have mildewed areas? Are the shingles in good condition?

Has the home ever had any roof leaks? If it has a metal roof, has it been Kool-Sealed, and if so, when? Most manufacturers recommend this be done every 3 years.

Are all utilities and appliances currently in good working order?

Be sure to compare "apples to apples." Like most products, manufactured homes offer "low - medium - or high" quality and price points. Also, one manufacturer's product line usually has a "low - medium - and high." Compare a Chevrolet with a comparable Chevrolet and a Cadillac with a comparable Cadillac.

Be sure and allow for any improvements or upgrades the property may offer and consider its value to your lifestyle.
~ Is there a fence?
~ Is there a walkway? Is it lighted? Is it weed free and attractive?
~ Are there trees, shrubs, flower beds?
~ Does the yard have good grass or does it have dirt, weeds, holes, etc.
~ Is there a storage shed?
~ Are the carpet, cabinets, tubs, sinks, etc. originally standard quality or upgraded?

Overall, how has the home been maintained? Is it exceptionally clean or dirty?


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