Our philosophy for JennLake Meadows is simple: Make it and keep it a place we want to live or an area where we would want our daughter to live if she were attending MSU. Our standards and expectations are high.

In many ways JennLake Meadows will be no different than Starkville's finest housing areas

(other than open pastures and lakes to enjoy!). There will be covenants regarding your home and yard. However, additionally, there will be rules on conduct and actions while you are on JennLake Meadows' property. If you buy a house and land, your investment depends on how you live and maintain your property; your investment also depends on the surrounding properties maintaining their value. At JennLake Meadows you are both a homeowner and a renter. Your value depends not only on what you do but also on your neighbors and the management of JennLake Meadows.

We have a large personal investment in JennLake Meadows. We intend to protect our investment and make it grow. If we do our part, your personal investment in your home will maintain or grow in value as well. We promise to work only toward the overall welfare of JennLake Meadows.

*****Care has been taken in preparing the information contained in this web site; however we cannot and do not warrant that the information is absolutely current, or accurate beyond the source documents*****


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